Your Recipe for Minimum Effort, Maximum Results

Ever hear the saying, “Work smarter, not harder?”

How about “Stop majoring in minors?”

Well, here’s a simple way to visualize and prioritize projects to get maximum results in the shortest period of time.

We call it the “Effort vs. Impact” Quadrant.

Here’s how it works.

(Hint: You want to spend the bulk of your time in the lower-right quadrant.)

Think about the projects you have on your plate currently. Then, think about the amount of time and labor that will go into each project. Next, consider which will generate the BIGGEST positive results when completed.

For instance, a project you or your team could finish lickedy split and would make a big impact on your results is something you’d definitely want to focus on.

Conversely, a project that is very difficult, time consuming, or expensive and wouldn’t even register a blip on the ole’ results radar screen would be punted from your to-do list post-haste!

Prioritizing Low Effort/High Impact work using this quadrant helps you spend more time on projects that will move the needle positively while eliminating projects that don’t!

A Simple System You Can Use Every Day

The Effort vs. Impact" Quadrant System

We’ve created a really simple “Effort vs. Impact” System you can use immediately to help prioritize your work.

Download the Effort vs. Impact Worksheets below. They’re totally free, no opt-in required.

Use the Effort vs. Impact Worksheet to brainstorm a master list of the projects and tasks occupying your head-space. Rank each on the level of Effort/Time involved; and on the positive impact the task will have on goals and results when completed. (Don’t self-edit! Just go, Go, GO!)

Use these results in the Weekly Priorities List to get a visual on the projects you should be spending your time on.

Take your Weekly Priorities and list them on the Daily Priorities List in the order of most important to least important.

Start chopping away at that list… every day!

Download Your Effort vs. Impact Worksheets Here

Effort vs. Impact Worksheet

Effort vs. Impact Weekly Priorities List

Effort vs. Impact Daily Priorities List

That’s really all there is to it.

We know you have a  lot of work on your plate, and it’s easy to lose focus on the truly important work… work that will really make the biggest difference for your church communications and marketing.

But this simple system will help you visualize, attack, and track work efficiently and with greater results.

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